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I ordered and they said they tried to deliver it to 93 instead of 92 so it was returned to facility and so no refund .I don't understand why they can't refund my money.What a lousy customer service dept. !!!!!!! So for a 69$ order they are losing a customer !!!!!!!What a way to run a company ,the customer service dept. was rude and unapologetic to my situation ! I really am disgusted with Omaha... Read more

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Be very careful before you order... our order never made it to our parents. Delivery guy basically said he couldn't find the address and never delivered.. So they donate food to a shelter. Omaha steaks takes no responsibility for the order.. If I were you I would buy your steaks somewhere else. customer service doesn't even contact you to let you know... You have to track it all down... Read more

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I always thought it was overpriced but saw the TV Xmas ad for $188.00 worth of steaks for $49.99. So I fell for the ad. The order arrived 2 days late but still frozen. I opened the boxes and .............WOW. The portion size of the steaks and chops is SO FRIKKING SMALL. Only 3 to 4 bites per steak. The quality is no better than my local grocer. The pork is dry and tough, and there is little... Read more

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Tried your stuffed bread tonight. Followed directions. Bread to tough to eat. Filling fair, touch salty. Please Do not send us any more of this stuff!! I do not need eighty words to express my dislike of this product. You should discontinue foisting this stuff on your loyal customers. I opened a good bottle of Malbec looking for dining enjoyment.PHAGHAGH!!!! Still not eighty words. How long must... Read more

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Spoke to Supervisor Max today from Omaha Steaks "Customer Care" about being told by UPS that Omaha Steaks has policy with them NOT to ring doorbell on delivery even though delivering highly perishable products and Omaha Steaks specifically uses a "Shipper Release" label on their cooler packages which means they are to drop it off and leave immediately without a doorknock or doorbell... Read more

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I returned to Omaha steaks, after a brief spell, but bough a gift deal, which included steak. Last night I cook 2 T bones, and they were cooked perfect, med rare, and they were so full of grizzle and tough, my wife and I could not eat them. We were very disappointed in them, as we had a nice night planned, and the steaks, rather ruined the night. I was very disappointed in the quality of the... Read more

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They bombard you with emails and mail showing major discounts. Then when you order they will tell you it does not qualify for many products. So to me it is an attack on consumers with Bait and Switch tactics. I would only recommend to everyone who reads this to never buy anything from Omaha Steaks and use your local grocery store where you can talk to a manager if you have question. Omaha Steaks... Read more

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Potential Customer: Don't ever order from Omaha Steaks. They will NEVER stop calling you whether you are happy or unhappy with the order. They will HOUND you forever with solicitor calls. They are horrible and no matter what you do they won't stop. Their product isn't that good anyway and the beef is questionable quality. We have tried everything. This site is making us write 100 words before it... Read more

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Omaha Steaks Complaint. The following took place on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at approximately 3:30 pm in the training room at Omaha Steaks, in Omaha, Ne. Among other positions, Omaha Steaks offers a Direct Sales position, selling over the phone to it‘s existing customers. This particular job description involved calling existing customers and offering them packages. My name is Doug and I was hired... Read more

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i had two gift certifacates from yur co for toal of $45.ordered item 45420FC She said for 25 dolllaars more i can add 2 filets and 2 sirloins so totl cost the way i look at it is 129,99 25,ooless the 45 gifts for a total 109.99 thee was free shipping on the deal she said cost to me will be 133.71 thats 56.28 more than it should be she asked for and i gave her my email adres i... Read more

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