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Worst Company ever. Steaks so thin you can read newspaper thru it! Salesmen arrived at our house while I was away shopping. Doesn't talk a rocket scientist to realize my 82 yo husband with Alzheimer's. Salesman talked my husband into signing a blank check. When the yard man challenged them, he called me and I said NO! Wes took the check away from them and they got biligerent but finally left. When I got home, the check which had been... Read more

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Just had the chicken fried was gross. It had a big piece of what I call *** back. I could not cut through it. More breading then meat...yuck. I put the other pack of chicken fried steak in the trash. Will never order from there again. Read more

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Receive 6 6oz filet mignons as a gift for my birthday and they fell apart with fat seams when they were thawed. I complained about the fat laced filets and they sent replacements that were as bad if not worse than the originals. Their products used to be very good but no longer. At $40 a pound (6oz filet $15) you can go to the finest butcher shop in your area and get a better product and get change. It's sort of sad because Grandma sends these... Read more

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USED to be FABULOUS! I ordered about $1000. of filet's a year on their special sale $19.99 so I ordered quite a bit. We used them as incentive prizes at work. LOVED THEM. I stopped ordering about 3 years ago when the prior 3 orders were ***. I mean ***. Filets about 1/2 inch thick and just tough and was like they packaged the waste by mistake. Did thei 3 times...(I know...shame on me!) but I eventually learned my lesson. ... Read more

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Very disappointed. I didn't receive what I ordered. Customer service told me I was the problem and didn't know how to order. They basically told me I was an *** and had problems understanding how to order. I told her I was going to report them to the better business bureau and she said to do what ever I needed to do. Lessons learned... I received 1/2 of what I ordered and received things I didn't order, but paid for. Buyer beware .... I spent... Read more

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If you think when you order online is bad wait till I tell you about the store I went into. Livingston New Jersey. I went there in the evening. This girl inappropriately dressed with tattoos and earrings helped me Not the image you would expect of Omaha steaks. She was unhelpful and couldn't find things. I'm going to my local supermarket from now on.

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I used to get quality products from this company in the 80s and 90s. The last 2 orders I got were so tough the dog couldn't eat them. I got a $12 refund on a $90 order. I won't ever deal with this company again for sure. And yes, I marinated the steaks for over 2 days in a marinate that will soften a large saddle. I used to judge cattle and meats, and it seems these products are from grass fed animals, which will never give a tender meat. ... Read more

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I wasn't happy with the filets we ordered, I felt they were dry and not use to what we like when we are expecting a high quality steak, I called and complained, the women was not that pleasant, and was offering me ONLY a 20.00 credit, it really annoyed me, I called the next day, I spoke to a lovely lady, she ended up sending me burgers , we are so happy, we intend to reorder, and be loyal customers! I really am glad I made that second call! ... Read more

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Feb. 19, 2016 WARNING DO NOT ORDER FROM OMAHA STEAKS The absolute Worst customer Service EVER. I spoke to Josh 45816 when saw my pricey steak gift was not delivered. The address was wrong by 6 numbers and instead of the recipient’s house it was a few houses away. Ok, my mistake but it was the same block. Instead of calling me or the recipient (they have both phone numbers and email addresses) that something was off, they reclaimed my package... Read more

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I ordered and they said they tried to deliver it to 93 instead of 92 so it was returned to facility and so no refund .I don't understand why they can't refund my money.What a lousy customer service dept. !!!!!!! So for a 69$ order they are losing a customer !!!!!!!What a way to run a company ,the customer service dept. was rude and unapologetic to my situation ! I really am disgusted with Omaha Steaks if this is the way they treat their... Read more

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