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My Dad ordered 1 of the steak packages from Omaha Steaks. We got 2 steaks delivered yesterday and I called my Dad to thank him.

He is 90 now but still very lucid. He told us that was just part of the order and we should get some hot dogs and hamburgers etc. too. He paid these people $200 or so.6 He called them today and they stated that was all he would get is the 2 steaks apiece for my brother, sister and me.

$33 + for a steak. Looking on their web site there is nothing to match this and several plans for around $60 a piece that have burgers, steaks etc. in them. There are none that charge that amount for just two steaks.

Buy from these people at your own risk. My father won't do anything about this. He just figures he's out $200. Nice way to treat a 90 y/o veteran of three wars.

Omaha Steaks should be ashamed of themselves.

My Dad did not keep the order listing so I don't know the specific order he made, but he did say it was supposed to have hamburgers and hot dogs in it. None of that was delivered.

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I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your recent purchase from Omaha Steaks. All of our products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please contact us with the details at Thank you.

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