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Received a pack as a holiday gift. McDonald’s hamburgers would be better.

Burgers greasy and no flavor; does not look like product on ad. Sirloins tough and chewy, no flavor. Attempted to call 800 number. I have been on hold listening to their musax for 15 minutes, 2 times.

Not looking forward to trying other products. Maybe my dogs will like them! I will not complain to the person who sent it. They meant well.

It is ashame that they do not deliver what they advertise! Again, please do not waste your money! This post is ridiculous.

I am attemting to post this and it says 100 words. This post is over 100 words!

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What recompense has the vendor offered ?

Probably not much, since you ate some of it.

I know how that goes - we receive food gifts from Harry and David that are subpar and you hate to tell the giver but they are wasting their money.

Moral dilemma for sure ...

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