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Roommate got a box yesterday 12/10/18 (approx 100 bucks) with what can be best described as frozen cafeteria food. I'm gonna provide pics of all I can upload because this company is BRUTALLY ripping people off.

Came with a lovely catalog with mostly dodgy pictures of their offerings with gorgeous 2 inch filet mignon as the centerpiece. I'll upload pics of the catalog too. This is false advertising in every possible way and the BBB should get involved and anyone with an angle on suing these people should please pursue these people in the name of consumer decency. I bet they got a fat legal dept.

though because there is minimal cash being spent on product for sure. The pretty boxes the 'food' comes cost more than the product. I am a meat lover and I know meat value. I shop and cook for my household of four.

I know prices well. I cannot fathom how these crooks manage to stay in business. If I got ANY of this food for a gift I would be insulted. I'm sure that's a big part of their con because it is set up as a holiday gifty thing so who would ever complain?

You appreciate the thought and feed it to the pets. This is high grade (maybe) pet food!!!! These people claim to be butchers which in itself is butchery of an honored profession. These guys haven't had blood on their hands in a generation.

No butcher would sell this *** Period. There are huge freezers somewhere stuffed with this cry-o-crap. And I guarantee you people at omaha steaks would be insulted to be served this at any restaurant. Yet they charge 60 t0 80 dollars for four 4 and 5 ounce steaks MAYBE an inch thick.

The chicken breast look like pigeons. The burgers remind me of the soybean burgers circa high school 1976! But hey they did throw in 4 hot dogs of questionable heritage (aren't they all though) to make you feel better about the brutal rape of your pocketbook!?! Right guys?

WOW. Please bear with my photog prowess. If nothing else people need to SEE this ridiculousness to believe it. I put meat selections from von's that were in my fridge for size comparison next to the omaha stuff.

I paid 88 cents lb for fosters chicken breast 3.99 lb for pork cutlets (too high for me) and got tritip for 2.88 and top sirloin roast for like 3 a lb. I grind burgers with the tritip and top sirloin (plus bacon!!) and got a rib roast for 4.99 lb that i cut steaks from. The breasts look like giants next to the omaha stuff . The worst is the photo of the thick filets in the catalog and what you actually get.

False advertising at it's best. Also fresh is ALWAYS better than frozen I don't care how scientific their 'procees' of freezing is. There is also a photo of what all came in her 100 dollar package. There were four or six 'burgers' that I could not fit in the pic in the omaha group photo.

The fresh burgers next to the cry-o-babies I ground myself.

I tried to show the thickness . Two of their filets stacked don't even come close to the the photo lies in the catalog.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaha Steaks Steak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: There is no solution. These people are professional con men. Stop buying their BS..

I didn't like: Anything omaha steaks stands for or offers.

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Whether or not your complaint is valid I don't appreciate your swearing. This is a family friendly website and you don't need to use vulgar obscenities to get your point across. You seem relatively intelligent, having discovered that frozen food is inferior to fresh, but please clean up your act if you intend to post here again.


Well I’ll never order from here lol If u want meat go to costco or wegmans or Harris Teeter


Omfg thank you for showing me this, it’s insane, I was like wow what a good deal, after reading many many reviews I’m like ok *** no That chicken looks like *** and the steaks and burgers look old and

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